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Design Firm or Freelance Graphic Designer?

Posted by on October 11, 2010


Branding a business is a series of critical steps a new business takes on a path to success. One of the most important business decisions that a new business makes as part of their overall branding plan, is to decide upon a logo that makes clear the direction the company will be taking.
A logo is a statement that conveys the values of the business by using design, color and possibly the company name. A logo can be as simple as an apple or as complex as a script that defines a soft drink, but the one thing these two have in common is the consumer’s ability to recognize the product with a slight glance.
Visual recognition is the goal of a well-executed design that makes the public instantly aware of the product within milliseconds.
The designs that are capable of doing that make the brand building of a company seem effortless. However, a lot of work, preparation, consultation and planning go into the creation of a logo and the marketing presentation packages.
Graphic designers are those individuals who have a strong intuition for what catches the eye and they have been well trained in the graphic arts. These individuals are outstanding in their ability to grasp a company’s purpose and bring it to fruition in a cosmetically appealing and exciting visual experience.


While a graphic designer alone may not be enough for a company to rely upon when building a brand, there are many award winning graphic designers who are also freelance designers with design firm experience. These talented individuals will not only work with a company to build a logo, but have studied marketing and brand building as part of their skill sets. Some of these independent designers have previous experience in the print and web industry and can help a company with their promotional materials.

A freelance designer will have less overhead than a design firm does, so they may be less expensive than hiring an entire firm that has many employees that are part of the design process.

A design firm goes beyond the logo and creates multimedia marketing programs for their customers. This package may include print, mailers, television, web design and many other areas that a customer needs to utilize to become a household name with instant recognition from a logo.

Trained professional freelance graphic designers will have access to the same training as those who are employed by a larger firm. Since some designers do come from a publishing background, they have already assisted customers in developing their media packages.

Some publishers, like smaller newspapers and magazines, will allow their designers to work with the advertising partners in developing their print ads. By working directly with the customers, the freelance designer has an advantage over the larger design firms that hire sales staff to work with the customers and relay the information to the graphic designer. This one-on-one consultation affords the designer with insight directly from the customer rather than having it relayed to them through a sales staff member.

The independent graphic designer has access to the same training, software and other tools that a design firm provides for their graphic designers. The freelance graphic designer invests money in the software, the education and the purchase of tools to publish the results in an equally professional manner.

A Denver graphic designprofessional will be able to work directly with the customer to achieve professional results with a lower cost to the customer. The freelance designer makes it easier to work closely in order to develop the brand, the marketing strategy and even a web presence. This type of close communication ensures customer satisfaction and puts the customer on the road to a successful marketing campaign.

Shane Burke,

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