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Branding with a Logo

Posted by on April 14, 2012


When marketing a product there are three major elements to carefully consider.  Your brand, identity, and logo.  With equal attention to these three elements, your marketing efforts should produce great returns.

Your brand is your company’s perceived corporate image as a whole.  This is not how you see your company, but how customers see it.  It is the overall picture of your company, to include the identity and logo.  Your brand is your company’s personality, reputation, and image.  A successful brand is well thought out and triggers positive feelings towards your product or service.

Your identity is a visual representation of your company, not to be confused with the logo.  It is consistent with color schemes or fonts that are recognizable to your brand.  Think of Coca Cola’s font and color, or the script Disney is written in.  With my information typed out using their colors and scripts, you will still identify with their brand.

Your Logo identifies your company in its simplest form using a mark or Icon.  Many people get carried away with elaborate and complicated designs attempting to describe every aspect of their company and what it offers.  This is not always a good idea, and not necessarily a logo’s purpose.  Busy designs may not be recognizable from a distance, or in a single color format.  The Logo should be a recognizable flag to your brand, and serve as a mental bookmark to your company.  It is functional and identifiable after a customer is familiar with your company.  Some of the most recognizable logos are very simple icons that do not illustrate their companies products.  Would the Nike logo be stronger if it somehow depicted sports apparel?   What does an apple have to do with computers?  Does the face-book “F” illustrate any sort of network?  There are of course exceptions to every design rule.  The recycle logo creates an immediate visual representation of its service.  A combination of simplicity, function, and design is key.

Why do you need a logo?  Lets face it, people do judge a book by its cover.  A professional look indicates an established credible company, and can help round up return customers, create brand loyalty, and help separate you from the competition.   A great logo will give potential customers confidence in your company, and help it grow.

Get the right logo!  Make sure it is timeless, memorable, and effective.  It should always be created as a vector image so it can be easily re-sized and manipulated down the road without loosing image quality.  Most printers will require vector files, and may charge a large fee to convert them.  Your designer should supply a few file types of the final image to cover all print and web formats.

Do you need a logo?  I would be honored to help  brand your company with a great logo and Corporate Identity package.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with details on your project.  At, we offer quality work, affordable rates, and fast turnarounds.


Shane Burke,

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