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Save Money On Graphic Design

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Posted by on May 3, 2012


When it comes to graphic design, prices vary.  Cheap prices often come with cheap results.  Moreover, higher prices don’t necessarily guarantee the most stunning results.  Nonetheless, hiring an exceptional and reputable graphic artist doesn’t have to drain your wallet.  To better afford and receive high-quality results, this guide will provide tips on how you can prepare your materials before commissioning a graphic designer, and save some money.


When you sit thinking of ideas for a logo, brochures, book cover, etc. you should think of every minute detail until the image or product is perfectly clear in your mind.  This is crucial because you know precisely what you want while the graphic designer doesn’t as he or she cannot read your mind.  The designer can only use his or her best judgment to echo your instructions.  The final product is as good as your efforts to describe it as thoroughly as possible.

Provide the designer with precise details beforehand if you know what you want.  If you don’t know exactly what you want, brainstorm, perform an online search for relevant examples, and ask for input from others because if you don’t have a clue what you want, you will pay significantly more than a person who knows.  Furthermore, being precise will minimize reworks and excess hourly charges.  It doesn’t matter if you have drawing skills or not; if you can sketch, doodle or create a concept with stick figures, your attempted illustration is still very helpful to the designer and will benefit you cost-wise.  Any illustration is better than no illustration at all.


Write down exactly how your content should read, grammar-checked, spell-checked and all.  It is not exclusively the designer’s responsibility to switch career fields and become a copy editor. Most of your text will be copied and pasted into the design, and your mistakes may go unnoticed.  It is also your responsibility to write your content out as it should appear on/in the product, be it brochures, flyers, posters, etc.  The more errors found in your content, the more time will be needed for corrections. Hence, additional charges will apply for content editing.


Graphics to be used should also be readily available to the designer to help speed up the process.  If you don’t’ have any graphics available the illustrator will have to take on the additional task of searching for relevant stock images, or creating original images, which can be pricey.  As a result, you will be required to compensate the designer for this extra time.  This may perhaps be the most expensive mistake of all.

Purchase Package Deals

Purchasing a package deal is a wise, economical choice.  Typically, businesses need a logo, and many don’t consider other coordinating correspondence to go along with it.  However, coordinating correspondence portrays an image of professionalism and authority.  Rather than purchase business cards or a logo at one point and then return for a letterhead and brochure subsequently, it is best to purchase a package to avoid separate transactions and extra expenses.  The Corporate Identity Package is available and includes a logo, letterhead, brochure and business cards.

Be Direct

If you know what you want and are adamant about getting exactly what you want, let the artist know whether or not they are free to use their judgment, or if they need to follow strict guidelines.  This will avoid any confusion and of course, extra fees needed to rework the project.  If you provide strict guidelines and still wind up with something other than what you wanted, reassess your preparation tasks to confirm that you’ve provided enough details to allow the designer to realistically create your requests visually.

File Formats

It is also crucial that you be clear in your specifications of file formats.  The designer will deliver whichever file formats are needed.  Changing files formats can be time consuming, and more labor equals more money.

Know Who You’re Working With

There is no need to hire a large marketing firm to create your business correspondence if you’re on a budget.  A freelancer or small business can be more suitable.  Regardless of whichever you choose, know who you’re working with in order to avoid unnecessary costs due to being misguided.  It is important that you check references and portfolios.  Perform an online search for reviews or testimonials.  Linkedin is a great resource for testimonials.

In the world of business, image means everything.  Professionally designed products, such as corporate identity and correspondence, portray professionalism, quality, and even high standards. Professional design work can also promote stability. A high-quality authoritative image is possible without breaking the bank.


    Shane Burke,


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