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Logo Design on a Dime

Posted by on May 11, 2012

Logos are an important process to produce brand awareness for your customers. 

Logos can get a little tricky with pricing, as every project has different requirements.  Here is a quick reference guide to use when commissioning a logo by

$150-$250 Logo Package 1
You have an existing logo designed by hand, or in an unusable file format and need it professionally recreated.  Beezink will take your sketches and turn them into a print ready vector image in 2-3 days.  This package does not include reworks, and estimates are based on reproducing an existing logo into the correct format.   Reworks or changes will be billed hourly.

$350 - $500 Logo Package 2
You have a detailed description of the design and there will be little for your designer to interpret.  You know what you want, but need a little help with the design.  Napkin sketches or doodles are a great help.  Beezink will create 3 pencil sketches based on your description and send them over for approval. Your chosen initial sketch will then be developed into three finished vector art versions.  Your final choice from the three vector images may have one final revision to complete your logo.  Any changes made from that point will be billed hourly.   The complete process takes 1-3 weeks.

$500 – $800 Logo Package 3
You have a few ideas, but would like the designer to create a few samples to pick from and begin development from there.  You will provide information on your company and its products or services for the designer to visually interpret. You will receive around five sketches with the designers interpretation of your logo.   Provide your feedback on the initial sketches and receive a few more sketches with your idea in mind.  After approval, Beezink will create three finished digital logos to choose from.  Chose your future logo.  One more round of editing should finish it up.   Any changes from that point will be charged hourly.

Remember, all estimates are based on an hourly rate.  Detailed information and guidelines will save you time, and prevent extra hourly charges for unplanned reworks or revisions.  Let me know if I can help with anything.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Shane Burke,

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