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Childrens Book Illustration

Posted by on June 29, 2012

How much does a children’s book illustrator cost?


Over the last few months I have been receiving many quote requests for children’s book illustration.  How much would it cost to illustrate my 32 page children’s book?  The answer is never the same twice, and always depends on what exactly it is you are you looking for.

A standard children’s book is 32 pages.  The average rate for Children’s book art is $225-$550 per page.  Yes, that is $7200- $17600 average.  Before you freak out and loose all hope with your budget, let’s compare the art for my two favorite books.  The Giving Tree, and I Love You Forever.

Take a look at the Art from the Giving Tree.  This is one of the most popular children’s books ever written, and the artwork is iconic.  It is also very simple.  I would guess it took the artist an hour to create each image.  Now look at I Love You For Ever.

My Mother still cries every time she picks this book up.  The artwork has a lot more detail; it’s realistic but still a little whimsical.  It has full color, and detailed backgrounds.  I would guess each image took 6-10 hours for the artist to create, or around 300 hours, not including research time or creating rough drafts.  Children’s book illustration takes a lot of time.


So how much will it cost to have my children’s book illustrated?

A standard 32 page children’s book with simple but appealing artwork similar to the Giving Tree:

$800-$1200 or $25-$38 per page

A standard 32 page children’s book with full color and detailed backgrounds similar to I Love You For Ever:

$4000-$6000 or $125-$185 per page


I can’t afford to pay that much.

No worries, there are still ways to get the price to drop.  Passing on the detailed background for example could drop the price per page by up to 30%  Everyone has a budget.  I can find creative ways to shave design time without cutting corners.  BeezInk also offers payment plans.

Below is a simple price guide to reference.  Remember, each project has its own requirements and will need its own quote.

Full spread $250-500

full page: $100 – $250

1/2 page: $75 – $200

1/4 page: $50 – $100

spot $35 – $50


I need an illustrator, and would like to commission Shane Burke.  How does it work?

I will need a copy of the manuscript and a written description of each scene to get an accurate quote.  Once the author and illustrator agree on a price a 30% deposit is required before any work starts. This covers materials, and secures your spot “in line” to complete your work by your deadline.  I will start with very simple thumbnail pencil sketches to make sure placement of each element is correct and to allow for feedback.  From there I will create a more detailed sketch of the scene.  Once the sketches are approved the final product will be created.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Shane Burke,

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