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I love painting portraits!

Posted by on February 8, 2013

I offer many creative products at Beezink. Logo Design, Video Production, Children’s books, Illustration, Graphic Design, and Fine Art. Every now and then I am asked what I like doing most. There are many projects that have been more satisfying than others, but nothing is more rewarding than creating a hand painted portrait on canvas. Although it is not always an option, I love to hand the portrait off to my customers in person so I can see the look on their face when they see it. And more than anything, I love to see their eyes tear up.

Family photographs are great. But there is something special about a hand painted portrait hanging proudly on the wall, and it is definitely a special honor to create the work. Painted portraits are a unique and timeless gift that will last a lifetime, and for me, the most rewarding part of my job. Fine Art collectors value the work much more than design customers. I have never created a logo or ad layout that brought tears to the eyes of the new owner!

Above is the second piece I created for a great guy in San Francisco. I worked from an I-Phone photo (not normally a good idea) and was a little nervous that the painting did not look close enough to his grandson. After I received this photo shortly after Christmas, I think I nailed it.

Below are two adorable little girls created in pencil. These are two of my favorite pencil portraits and were given to their grandmother as a gift.


Looking for something a little different? Below are a few unique portraits I have painted in different styles over the years.

Check out more of my work in the gallery page.

Shane Burke,

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